2024 Council for Life

Celebrating Life Beneficiaries

The Fight for Life

This year 26 nonprofits have been prayerfully selected as our 2024 Council for Life Beneficiaries. These agencies represent the full spectrum of compassionate help available to women and families facing the complex issues surrounding unplanned pregnancies.

Your donations fund the critical fight for life. We prayerfully and joyfully seek to raise a record $1.5 million at our Luncheon this year.

CFL is grateful for the faith-based, compassionate, free and confidential services that these agencies provide and for their tireless commitment to the sanctity of life.

Abel Speaks

Abel Speaks exists to support families who have chosen to carry a child with a life-limiting diagnosis.

Funds are for program services to ten DFW families.


Bella House

Bella House provides a residence for homeless pregnant women where enriching programs inspire transformation and brighter futures.

Funds are for the salaries of three Social Workers.


Blessings International

Blessings International provides pharmaceuticals for vulnerable patient populations.

Funds are for medicines and supplies for thirty-six DFW Pregnancy Resource Centers and four Maternal Health Organizations.


Buckner Children and Family Services

Buckner Children and Family Services provides maternity services to women through crisis pregnancy counseling and postpartum support.

Funds are for DFW Counselor salaries and client assistance.


Catholic Pro-Life Community

Catholic Pro-Life Community offers supportive services for pregnant women and their families and for those who have experienced abortion.

Funds are for Healing after Abortion Ministry retreats.


ChristianWorks for Children

ChristianWorks for Children supports the adoption triad: birth moms, adoptive parents and children placed for adoption.

Funds are for a Bilingual Specialist providing counseling and support services.


Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace equips the church to love and support single, pregnant young women.

Funds are for the salary of a DFW Brave Girl Coordinator to ensure connection and support for each young mom.


Embrace Waiting Children

Embrace Waiting Children provides services to foster, adoptive and kinship families and children and teens in foster care.

Funds are for salaries and expenses at their residential home, Collin House.



FirstLook is a sexual health and pregnancy resource center promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support.

Funds are for billboard and digital marketing to reach the abortion-minded woman.


Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center empowers young women and men to make positive decisions about their unplanned pregnancy.

Funds are for Registered Nurse salaries.


Metroplex Women’s Clinic

Metroplex Women’s Clinic promotes life to those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and sexual health issues.

Funds are for the salaries of the Director of Nursing and Director of Client Services.


Mid Cities Women’s Clinic

Mid Cities Women’s Clinic empowers women and men in an unplanned pregnancy to make healthy life choices.

Funds are for the salary of a Nurse Manager and marketing for their second location in Haslet.



PreBorn! works collaboratively with local clinics to provide financial, leadership, innovation and programmatic support.

Funds are for DFW digital ads to reach abortion-minded women.


Pregnancy Help 4 U

Pregnancy Help 4 U walks with women, men and families to provide life-affirming solutions as an alternative to abortion.

Funds are for the salary of an Outreach Director to engage and equip churches.


Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie

Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie empowers women to make positive pregnancy decisions.

Funds are for a Client Service Manager salary.


Pregnancy Resource Center of Rockwall

Pregnancy Resource Center of Rockwall seeks to equip women and their families facing unplanned pregnancies to make life-affirming choices.

Funds are for an ultrasound machine and nurse training.


Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center exists to empower women, men and families to make healthy life-affirming choices.

Funds are for the salary of a Nurse Manager located at their new Fort Worth center.


Real Options

Real Options is devoted to serving the abortion-vulnerable.

Funds are for the salary of a Nurse Practitioner who will collaborate with anti sex-trafficking organizations that help pregnant and post-abortive survivors.


Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America exists to recruit, train, and mobilize the Post-Roe Generation to abolish abortion.

Funds are for the salary of a Southern Campus Formation Coordinator.


The Vitamin Bridge

The Vitamin Bridge bridges gaps for disadvantaged, pregnant women by improving availability of prenatal vitamins.

Funds will provide vitamins to 10,000 DFW moms through pregnancy resource centers.


Thrive Women’s Clinic

Thrive Women’s Clinic empowers women and their partners to choose life.

Funds are for a new sexually transmitted disease lab and Registered Nurse salary.


TOBET – Theology of the Body Evangelization Team

TOBET provides original educational resources, presenting the truth of God’s design of the body to children, youth and families.

Funds are for the salary of a Ministry Outreach Leader to disseminate curriculum.


Watermark Health

Watermark Health serves the community by empowering the local church to care for physical healthcare needs.

Funds are for salaries of a Nurse Practitioner and Care Coordinator to expand prenatal care services.


Women’s Choice Clinic

Women’s Choice Clinic exists to value and protect the preborn.

Funds are for the salary of a Nurse Sonographer.


YES – Youth Equipped to Succeed

YES is dedicated to growing value and vision in youth by combating isolation and imparting hope.

Funds are for staff training and certification and Sexual Risk Avoidance programs for underserved DFW schools.


YoungLives, a Young Life Ministry

YoungLives is Young Life’s ministry intentionally designed to reach teen moms and dads and their children.

Funds are for the salary of a Regional YoungLives Coordinator.


Make an Impact

Every ticket purchased, every donation made, fuels our mission and propels us closer to our shared vision of a world where everyone values life. Your giving is
lifesaving, with an eternal impact on generations to come.