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Your donations fund the critical fight for life. We prayerfully and joyfully seek to raise a record $1.5 million this year.

Please consider joining the Host Committee today. Or if you are ready to make your financial commitment, you may purchase a table and individual tickets here.

Host Committee

Katie and Miles Abell
Kristen and Kevin Ainsworth
Jenny and Jay Allison
Sandy Ammons
Kelly and Joe Armes
Liz and Bill Armstrong
Malinda and David Arvesen
Bob Baillargeon
Stephanie and Blair Baker / Zoe Grace Foundation
Pam and Alan Balser
Holly and David Barnett
Ready and John Bateman
Martha Lou Beaird
Meredith and Kyle Bebee
Diane and Jim Beckett
Meredith and John Bentley
Mary Louise and Brad Binning
Blue Trust
Betsy and Rob Borrego
Nancy and Phillip Braner
Rosalyn and Daniel Brown
Stacy and Tyler Burke
Michelle and Brent Burns
Sharla and George Bush
Ann and David Carruth
Dianna and Wade Chessman
Kimberly and Joe Colonnetta
Lisa and Clay Cooley
Brad and Michelle Copeland
Maura and Tim Costello
Amy Simmons Crafton / Amazing Grace Life
Katie and Corbin Crews
Lewise and David Crockett
Becky and Christian Cullum
Dallas Baptist University
Antoinette and Barry Davis
Jacki and Doug Deason
Denman Family Foundation
Melissa and Scott Dennis
Lissie and Steve Donosky
The Durham Family Foundation
Sally Ann Ellert
Sarah and Keith Evans
Suzanne Everbach
Judy and Hugh Ferguson
Bill and Amy Galvin
Sara Lee and Stan Gardner
Diann and Phil Garnett
Jennie and Tom Gilchrist
Lisa Goncalves
Janet Tanner Gordon and John Gordon
Kimberly and Aaron Graft
Stephanie and Kurt Hagen
Cindy and Mike Harlan
Beth Ann and Ben Harper
Morgan and Will Harrington
Christi and Brian Hays
Kelly and J. Dan Heard
Laura and Bob Hefner
Cheryl and Bill Henry
Allison Hicks
Sarah Hilgart
Gigi and Willie Hornberger
Vicki and Dulany Howland
Carol and Bill Huckin
Ann and Ray Huffines
Jolie and Bart Humphrey
Betsy and Houston Hunt
Mrs. Nelson Bunker Hunt
Tavia and Clark Hunt
Elizabeth and Syd Hurley
Susan and Ed Jarrett
Amy and Johnny Johnson
Karlow Family Foundation
Johannah and Christopher Kersey
Shelly and Greg Kidd
Sandy and Dan Korem / Festive Kitchen
Stephanie and Mark Krog
Kim and Jeff Lamb
Clarke Landry Real Estate
Janna and Gary Lewis
Margaret and Keet Lewis
Joy Lindsey
Laura and Pete Lodwick
Sharon and Tony Long
Longhorn, Inc.
Catherine and Chuck Lundberg
The Lunsford Foundation
Lupe Murchison Foundation
Rebecca and Bobby Lutz
Tawney and Dean Macfarlan
The Maclay Family
Haley and Ramsey March
Becky and Bob McCamey
Jeanne and Tony McClung
Kay and Rick McCrary
Charleen and Robert McCulloch
Leslie and Nick Merrick
Amy and Malone Mitchell
Linda Montie
Morning Star Family Foundation
Lee Anne and Jim Morris
Susan and Chaz Mueller
Betsy and Cary Newman
William Noble, Jr.
Gena and Chuck Norris / KickStart Kids Foundation
Betsy and Wade Nowlin
Lisa-Adelle and David O’Brien
Dorothy and John O’Dwyer
Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church
Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Patriot Mobile
DeEtte and Paul Peters
Michal Powell
Susan and Lee Riffe
Gale and Bill Roberson
Elizabeth and Charlie Robinson
Abby and Paul Rogers
Jennifer and Doug Rogers
Lisa and Dennis Roossien
Rowling Foundation
Lisa Luby Ryan and Jay Ryan
Erin and Mike Sander
Susan and Carlos Sepulveda
Amy and John Shackelford
Shelle and Michael Sills
Ann and Bobby Silva
Cathy and Tony Sisk
Judy and Neil Smiley
Joan and Steve Smith
Paige Sowden
Janie Stephens
Gayle and Jeffrey Stouffer
Paula and Bob Strasser
Elisa and Stephen Summers
Elizabeth and Ron Tamlyn
R. H. Tamlyn & Sons, Inc.
Mauri and Chip Tardy
Michel and Bob Thompson
Lucina and Kyle Thompson
Lynette and James Thweatt
Cheryl and Shawn Todd
The Tradition Senior Living | Dallas, Prestonwood, Fort Worth
Lisa and Kenny Troutt
Dana and Raymond Turner
Michelle and Blake Vail
Linda and John Vandercook
Mimi and Bill Vanderstraaten
Venverloh Family Foundation
Diana Vick
Kathryn and David Waldrep
Heather and Ray Washburne
Adair and Clark Webb
Cindy and Tony Weber
Susie and Jerry Wilson
Cathryn Withrow
Katherine and Austin Wyker
Zeller Family Foundation

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“Council for Life has walked faithfully alongside the Healing after Abortion Ministry as we welcome those who seek healing from abortion. CFL is there with us as we share the joy of seeing the person walk out our doors knowing they are loved intensely by God who has touched their wounds and made them whole again.

Sharing the walk of pain and the joy of healing is a gift that is made possible thanks to the support of CFL.”

Catholic Pro-Life Community
Council for Life Beneficiary